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PEN condemns the Charlie Hebdo murders with a Who’s Who list of signatories.

The NPR Grammar Hall of Fame. My favorite—#6—made the list!

Nora Roberts says “Bite me” to rude readers. No doubt that’ll inspire them to be even more rude.

Be still my heart: maps of fictional places.

A history of the paperback. “(De Graff) knew he had a winner when a hundred and ten books were sold in a day and a half at a single cigar stand.”

Someone stole the bronze bas-relief of Mark Twain from his tombstone. Fuckers.

Turns out, audio books engage us least of all. So next time you tackle Ulysses just play it in the car on the way to work. And turn the volume down.

Print sales are up, according to BookScan, but maybe only due to changes in reporting practices. And due to Bill O’Reilly. And due to Gillian Flynn . . .

HarperCollins recalls a Middle East atlas after leaving Israel off. I think they need a new cartographer.

Facebook has started its own bookclub. Wait for “ZuckerBook” stickers to appear on covers. Oh, and it’s already having an impact.

The CIA torture report sold out on its first day. At 6,000 pages, I’ll wait for the movie.

Mark Coker, founder of Smashwords, shares his predictions for 2015. If you’re an indie author this is worth reading, because Mark’s got a good crystal ball.

Men improve their grammar when talking to fertile women. Calm yourselves: they don’t become Shakespeare. But they do get more creative.

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