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Easy Street was borne of the desire to host discourse, news, and debate about literature and culture in a casual environment. We hope you’ll enjoy what we have in store for you:

To celebrate our launch month, we’re hosting The Great American Sentence Contest. Enter up to 5 sentences and get rich! 5 dollars per word. 10 dollars per word if you give us a shout out in social media. Interested? Click here.

Every Friday we’ll bring you all the literary news we deem fit to print. Our Town Crier collects everything you meant to read and a bunch more you didn’t.

A short work and short interview make up our Take Five feature, a monthly portrait of a poet or writer. This month, we’re excited to host Kathy Fish, most recently the author of Together We Can Bury It.

Wendy Russ is all about that algorithm in her Open Letter to Amazon.

Selfies and poetry? Isabella David McCaffrey uses words and music to pull it all together in “Paul Celan & the Language of the Selfie.”

Stephen Parrish kicks off his column Ritten Werds, invoking a little Herman Wouk.

Camille Griep bitches about Salon’s latest writer-with-a-disconnect piece on “Sponsorship” in her new column Get a Griep.

Not sure what Mercury in Retrograde means for you? Check out our monthly Writer Horoscopes: the only astrological guide a writer needs.

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