by Angela Kubinec

dear editor,

I have come up with a new way of writing that doesnt use hardly any punctuation or capitalization and lets the reader figure it out only it is more like thinking someone elses thoughts which is surprisingly easy like you probably are right now and I sent what I think is some of the best passage for you to read and I hope you will like it

“…I love the smell of a big swank department store during a sale when the leggings or scarves with the fringe are there and a nice lamp for the side table wait theres this I saw them somewhere else a while ago I love Micheal Kors and I’d have my whole closet stacked with his shoes they’re like paradise there’s nothing like Saks the fragrances rushing with all the fine sales girls in their busy smocks it does me good to see racks and countertops and tables standing there waiting there even in the corners its like saying theres no Bargain I wouldnt go shopping with them for all their money why don’t they go and open a store something I often wonder consumers they call themselves go and pop sales tags off themselves and then go crying for customer service and then be angry for the manager and still getting their money with no receipt why because theyre afraid of going home having overspent again I know the type like theyre the first person who ever thought of shopping at WalMart before anyone thought of the Walton fortune who they don’t know and neither do I there you are they might as well try to keep Target from showing up because it will and they’ll say we have the best prices of all you sitting in your SUV with the vinyl upholstery and the ball cap on your dirty hair the day they got you to come in for school supplies yes first you bought pencils and it was Labor Day yes 10 years ago my God after that long line I nearly gave up yes he said I was a good shopper so we are all good shoppers all women wearing bras that was one true thing he said in his life and the 75% off sign is clearly visible yes that was why I liked him because I saw he understood or felt what a compulsive spender is and I knew I could always get around him and I gave him all the pleasure I could leading him on till he gave me his credit card … and then he asked me if I would buy to say buy first I put my arms around him buy and drew him down to me so he could feel my new sweater and the perfume sample from Nordstrom’s and his heart was going like mad and buy I said buy I will Buy.”

thank you for reading and I know editors do not like having work explained to them but this is different and I know a lot of writers will eventually want to try it because all you have to do is think and let the reader figure it out if they can without help

molly joyce


Angela Kubinec is a native of South Carolina who holds a Physics degree from the College of Charleston, and taught Mathematics for eighteen years. Her work has appeared in Carve Magazine and elsewhere.