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What Pet Should I Get? A new Dr. Seuss picture book is coming out 28 July. In 2013 the author’s widow and secretary found the manuscript in a box that had been set aside since 1991, when Suess died. Srsly? They waited 22 years to look inside the box? Ron Charles asks whether we really want a new Dr. Suess book. Ron! Bite your tongue.

Ten writers who took themselves way too seriously. (Ten isn’t bad. Imagine how long the list of politicians would be. Or television evangelicals.)

Philip Levine, Pulitzer Prize winner, former Poet Laureate of the United States, died on Valentine’s Day.

Another eye-opening conversation with Jonathan Franzen. “I don’t care what people read.”

Family Christian Stores files for bankruptcy. But they get to keep going. It’s the publishers who will foot the bill for their insolvency. How Christian of Family Christian Stores!

Twenty-two books women think men should read. Well, HuffPost newsroom women, anyway.

Happy words outnumber sad words in ten surveyed languages. No wonder we struggle to describe our dark, dismal, somber, gloomy, brooding moods.

Is Amazon under threat from a new challenger? Not unless Jericho is under threat from a kazoo.

Finally, “Everybody Wants to Be an Author.” Sung to the tune of “Everybody Wants to Be a Cat.”

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