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In 64 countries surveyed, girls have surged ahead of boys in reading and literacy. “Reading rates are falling everywhere as screens draw eyes from pages, but boys are giving up faster.” That’s right: video games are to blame. We knew this was coming.

Like other (likewise unscientific) surveys by Mark Coker, $3.99 still appears to be the optimum price for a full-length ebook, both in terms of sales and now “fairness.”

A history of Harlequin Books, in case you wanted one.

The Federal Aviation Administration has approved the testing of Amazon delivery drones. I confess when I first heard about such drones months ago I thought it was a joke.

Is B&N more profitable than we think? I’m not convinced.

The Emperor Franzen Twitter account has been suspended. Its day was over anyway: “The joke had worn thin,” says the creator, “and I’m not on Twitter as much as I used to be anyway.”

Amanda Palmer and Neil Gaiman are expecting.

A guide to logical fallacies. This stuff gives me a boner.

30 times the novel has been declared dead since 1902. Let’s make it 31: The novel is dead. Long live the novel!

Three Salinger stories are at the center of a rights grab. Recall the recent Conan Doyle controversy. Is it just me, or are literary estates getting irrationally greedy?

Library cards issued at birth? We ought to be doing this in America.

Do money woes spur creativity or stifle it? Never having had any money, I wouldn’t be able to tell the difference.

In January we reported that Cervantes had been found. Now it appears even more certain.

Finally, this is almost too painful to view, but would any responsible news service leave it out? Would they? I put it to you.

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