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The New York Times sparks criticism after releasing an all-white reading list. As Roxane Gay says, “Another day, another all-white list of recommended reading.”

On a related subject, apparently books about women don’t win big awards. “Women aren’t interesting, this result says. Women don’t count.”

flannery stamp

Flannery O’Connor is getting a stamp. A pretty one—with peacock feathers!

The Authors Guild fair contract initiative: a fresh look at the “standard” contract.

Yes yes, we know, you’re all tired of analyzing the May Author Earnings Report. But this new analysis is worth a look.

Remember that newly discovered portrait of Shakespeare? It was fun while it lasted.

B-E-A is un-der-way. So far it’s “weird.” Jonathan Franzen draws a crowd.

John Scalzi signed a 13-book deal with Tor for $3.4 million. The advance gives us a boner, but 13 books is a lot of books. Passive Guy has a take on all this.

The way to beat ebook pirates is by targeting their ISPs.

The Lascaux Prize in Short Fiction has a winner. Chris Connolly took home the prize with “The Imminence of Flight.” His story and those of 17 other finalists will appear in The 2015 Lascaux Prize Anthology.

Could libraries outlast the Internet? Speaking from a perspective of nostalgia, let’s hope so.


Bookerly, the new Kindle font.

The Conan Doyle estate is suing again. Goodness gracious, the man’s been dead 85 years. Let it go.

Not everyone can write a good book: insights from a former publicist turned author.

The Scrabble dictionary has been fattened with 6,500 additional words. We always knew “cakeages” should be on the list, but “paczki?”

Roxana Robinson, president of the Author’s Guild, advises authors not to write for free. We agree with the writer of the article that “Roxana is dead wrong.” And her mother wears combat boots. Here’s another opinion on the matter, for those who want to keep whizzing on her.

The 2015 O’Henry Prize stories.

Six punctuation marks you might be using incorrectly. Strunk & White, people, STRUNK AND WHITE.

Happy 100th birthday, Herman Wouk! Also, Dante turned 750, and forgive us for saying it, but when 750 years old you are, look as good you will not.

JK Rowling won an apology and monetary damages from Daily Mail, a British tabloid toiletpaper. The toiletpaper had reported that JK made up the story about being a struggling single mother while writing the first Harry Potter book. She’ll donate the money to charity. While on the subject of JK, here are some books she said inspired her. You see? If only you’d read these when you were young, you’d be a billionaire too.

In the “Oh, all right” department, F. Scott Fitzgerald’s Great Gatsby house is for sale. So go buy it. Then invite us over.

Finally, the Lovereading Google Maps Book Mash-up. Don’t leave home without it.


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