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Online book shopping overtook in-store shopping in 2014. That’s a significant (if quietly passed) milestone.

A couple of weeks ago I reported on an app that could sanitize ebooks. It didn’t survive long.

The results of Book Riot’s 2014 reading habits survey. As they correctly indicate, the median number of 55 books consumed per year, or about one a week, is a more useful statistic than the average number of 70.

Should Maine’s governor apologize to Stephen King? Darn tootin’.

J.K. Rowling responds to some tweeted questions. She’s an INFJ—like me!

The cover for Go Set a Watchman has been revealed. You can click on the link, or you can just glance to the left of this paragraph. The power of choice is in your hands.

The Man Booker finalists have been announced.

Omni Magazine has rebooted, but with a rights grab.

Amazon is offering more review options on its title pages. Now readers have questions to answer, if they opt for the new system.

James Patterson is increasing his library donation from $1.25M to $1.5M, citing heavy demand.

Twenty bands named after classic literature. I’m familiar with The Doors and Steppenwolf. The others must have debuted after 1970, when music as I know it came to an end.

An 18-year-old book club devoted to one book. And it ain’t hard to guess which one.

The Bay Area Book Festival, taking place June 6-7, will bed down with Author Solutions. Oh, and don’t miss this exchange between an author and Publish America.

They’re building a Dr. Suess museum in Springfield, Massachusetts, and I’ll be first in line.

The art of the picture book barcode. Why aren’t we all doing this? I put it to you.

Seattle Public Library becomes a “safe place” for teens. Why aren’t all libraries doing this? I put it to you.

Finally, fake books planted in bookstores. My faith in human ingenuity is restored.

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