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The number of independent bookstores has increased 27% since 2009. But as Book Riot reports, the number has suffered a 25% overall decrease since 2000.

Want to publish Harper Lee’s Go Set a Watchman overseas? Gotta travel to the agent’s London office to read it. (Watch the agent’s attitude adjust when he peddles his next book.)

Barnes & Noble will spin off its college textbook division as its own publicly traded company. Textbooks account for almost 45% of B&N’s revenue.

The princess author syndrome. I’ve known authors like this. I’m not saying you’re one, of course, but they’re out there.

8,000 rare books and manuscripts in the Mosul Public Library have been destroyed by ISIS.

Former inmates and their poetry.

The Bram Stoker Award finalists have been announced.

Maya Angelou will get a postage stamp.

Forty-two years after his death, Pablo Neruda will finally rest in peace.

A previously unknown Sherlock Holmes story by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle has been discovered in an attic. (Some don’t believe Conan Doyle wrote it.) It’s always an attic, isn’t it? Go search your attic right this moment: who knows what you may find. By the way, here are some theories about the recent plethora of manuscript discoveries.

The copyright on Mein Kampf soon to expire, it will be reprinted in Germany, despite howls of protest. I’ve read this book, and don’t believe it’s as dangerous as its detractors suggest. Mostly it’s the somewhat incoherent rant of a man who believed, at the time, he was unjustly persecuted. A squillion copies of the original exist, and autographed copies are actively traded, in Germany, behind closed doors.

A writer is banned by a Christian publisher because he supports marriage equality and identifies with the LGBT community. Shocker. The silver lining is all the publicity he’s receiving.

Nicholas Rossis analyzes his Amazon advertising experience. Also: how Amazon advertising works.

Writers and publishers are hooking up directly, bypassing literary agents. But is it a trend?

Poets & Writers has an app. It will do for writers “what HopStop does for straphangers.” Well that clears everything up, doesn’t it?

Finally, now we know why the llamas escaped! To attend a book reading, of course.

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