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It’s true. The sequel to To Kill a Mockingbird will appear in July of this year. Harper Lee actually wrote the novel, titled Go Set a Watchman, in the 1950s, before Mockingbird, and had thought the manuscript was lost.

Update: Well, maybe.

Another update: Now it’s #1 at Amazon.

The Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America will soon accept self-published works for membership consideration. However, such works must still meet minimum earnings requirements—which in most cases will constitute a high hurdle.

Wanted: Doris Lessing biographer. “It will take an enormous amount of research work, and of time, to go to America, to UEA, to South Africa. It’s an enormous undertaking.”

English majors are on the decline. Employment prospects are partly to blame, but so are curriculum changes.

Victoria Strauss alerts us to vanity publishers masquerading as writers groups.

Why authors walk away from publishers. Once a current becomes strong enough, it cannot be reversed.

Finally, how to make $700 a week as a poet. Hmm, I wonder if I can set up a stand and advertise:


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