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Elizabeth McCracken won The Story Prize for her collection Thunderstruck. Also, the LA Times book prize finalists have been announced.

Harper Lee says “Go Away!” in answer to a persistent journalist. Maybe people should just leave her alone.

It’s been confirmed: Barnes & Noble’s new NOOK Press, a buffet of self-publishing services, is really just another tentacle of Author Solutions.

Judging from ISBN output, Author Solutions is fading back as CreateSpace continues to accelerate.

Maya Angelou stamps are available for preorder.

Insights into why Jamie McGuire returned to self publishing.

The harsh reality of nonfiction writing. It’s all gloom and doom in Canada, people. Gloom and doom.

No boys allowed: author’s school presentations are sometimes attended only by girls. And some writers are sporting mustaches in protest.

Things Ryan Boudinot can say about MFA writing programs now that he no longer teaches in one. A rebuttal from Adrian Van Young. And a summary of the shitstorm that has followed.

Nine authors who regretted the success of their work. And an in-depth account of William Powell’s Anarchist Cookbook odyssey.

Turns out, Conan Doyle did write that story. I knew it all along: I deduced it!

The Kansas state senate has passed a bill allowing teachers to be prosecuted for distributing materials deemed harmful to minors. One state representative wants Toni Morrison on the list of such materials. Censorship is a slippery slope, people.

Finally, this gives me a boner: a “map” of literary genres. Now you know what to get me for Christmas.

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