“Burning Cross,” stained glass, St. James Church, Concord, NC.

by S.O. Fasrus

Maybe these are very bad consonants

you could look at it from many sides, many sides.

Kitty is good, is Kitty alright, do we like Kitty?

There’s kith, I’m all for kith, kith’s great, terrific—and kin. Ask Ivanka, she’ll tell you. I love Kin, love Kin.

There’s kitsch, do we like Kitsch? Do we like Kitsch Melania? Sure we like Kitsch

K can be a great consonant a really great consonant. Not all Ks are bad. Not all. There were fine Ks on both sides, many sides. I heard the words. I know words, believe me, I know a lot of words.

Hey you got the Kaftans. Over there on the left, you all like Kaftans don’t you?

And Kohl, some of you girls wear kohl, my beauty queens wear kohl. Beautiful, beautiful. I’ve always been attracted to beautiful.

And Kebabs, they’re fine, very fine. Wheres the harm in a Kebab.

So look at it this way, there are sides, many sides.

So they got themselves three K’s … So they got three, one after another. Doesn’t mean anything.

Three from the Kick off. So what!

and Kindle

what about Kindle?

And Kick isn’t all bad—not all bad.

You got Knock-Knocks are K’s too you know.

It’s not all about Knocking and Kicking

not all

not all about Kicking off.

Sure, you’ve got KILL, that’s a ‘K’ word.

Kill’s a K word, I’ll give you that

Kill’s a K word

Kill’s a K word…

K’s are some of the finest consonants, believe me,

Not all Ks are bad. Not all.


S. O. Fasrus has written articles for National newspapers and magazines. Her verse and poems are in Lighten Up Online, New Verse News, Snakeskin, and Light. She’s a social research interviewer and is increasingly bothered by her pile of five unfinished YA novels.