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Nobel Laureate Günter Grass has died.

Please shut up: why self promotion doesn’t work. I regretfully admit I agree with every word. We need to find ways to navigate our book-crowded world. The argument that quality will naturally float to the top no longer inspires any confidence in me.

Ever wonder how used book sellers can sell books for a mere penny? Your quest is at an end.

Print sales are up 3% in the first quarter. It’s probably a blip in the graph, but we’ll take it.

Well, well, diversity increases the chances a book will be banned. Why am I not surprised.

Apparently two University of Texas social psychologists have verified a previously unattributed Shakespeare play using methods of text analysis.

Amazon and HarperCollins kissed and made up, before the fight got ugly. HarperCollins gets to set its own prices, Amazon gets to provide incentives for HarperCollins to lower its prices. Everybody happie.

Is browsing a bookstore, then buying online, a form of shoplifting? No, but nor is it an honorable thing to do.

When 800 years old you are, look as good you will not: Yoda has been discovered in a 14th century manuscript.

According to VIDA’s annual survey, although women do most of the book buying, men do most of the book reviewing.

Finally, the Kanye West Bible. No, srsly. And by the way, do states really need an official book?


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