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We lost Colleen McCullough yesterday. The Thorn Birds helped define what it meant for a book to go viral. You’d think they’d be nicer to her in her native Australia.

We lost Rod McKuen too. Goodbye, my friend, it’s hard to die.

Amazon’s net sales were up 20% last year over the previous year, apparently due in large part to increasing the price of Amazon Prime.

The January 2015 Author Earnings Report is out. It’s fast becoming the industry standard in book sales analysis. Objective book sales analysis.

Andrew Sullivan is leaving The Dish. If that’s not the final nail in the blogging coffin, I don’t know what is.

Voltaire’s Treatise on Tolerance is a bestseller in France, 252 years after its original publication.

Victoria Strauss looks into Author Translations. Read the correspondence, it’s a hoot.

Nook Press isn’t causing KDP to lose any sleep. #4 is the deal breaker for me. Also, Target hammers what might be the last nail in the Nook coffin.

A Scottish MP wants Mein Kampf banned in the UK. “I think that there is a compelling case for a national debate on whether there should be limits on the freedom of expression.”

Now Illinois residents must pay 6.5% sales tax on Amazon purchases. Some commenters on this article say they’re planning to leave the state. Srsly.

In the wake of recent debates about teaching cursive in schools, there is evidence that handwriting is good for you.

Nice infographic on the 13 females who have won a Nobel Prize in literature. However, the interesting part of this article is that GalleyCat is linking to a site that sells ready-made term papers to students, and consequently drawing traffic to that site. I don’t know about you (or GalleyCat), but I think students ought to write their own fucking term papers.

How books did, by genre, in 2014. Skip the summary and scroll down to the chart.

I have to include this, otherwise I’ll be fined by the News Gestapo: the Salon article about Spousal Sponsorship that everyone’s talking about. Fact is, there’s no right or wrong path to success.

Laura Ingalls Wilder’s annotated autobiography (that’s a mouthful) Pioneer Girl is a runaway bestseller for the South Dakota Historical Society Press (another mouthful). Wilder’s Little House stories apparently little resembled her real-world childhood, which was characterized by illness and debt, drought and fire, and numerous relocations. The book, which contains 800 annotations, should be of great interest to fans of the author.

A timeline of the destruction of Ray Bradbury’s house. If only walls could talk—assuming, of course, they haven’t already been torn down.

The viral images of Hogwarts modeled from LEGOs. Some people are making fun of this woman. You have to accept the premise this is her hobby, and frankly I think you could have worse hobbies. I’m impressed.

They found Cervantes! I confess I didn’t know they were looking for him, but they found him!

Finally, a movie, in which . . . oh, I can’t bring myself to report this one. Read the article and see for yourself. I need wine. Make it a double.

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