Good Behavior
Broken Meter, Needs Fix

Broken Meter, Needs Fix

by Emile DeWeaver
Advising Mr. Anonymous to submit less to address inequality in publishing feels like advising me to shoot myself to address gun violence in Oakland.
An Author's Life

An Author’s Life

Writers’ processes differ, but here’s my truth: Writing is hard and I hate it; revision is easy, and I want to take it to the movies, then get to third base.


The less time I have left, the closer I come to failing to achieve my ambitions before I die, return reincarnated as a Chinese baby, be adopted by an actress with large assets, and begin the climb all over again.
In the Shadow of an Empire's Throne

In the Shadow of an Empire’s Throne

Don’t try to bolster your hackneyed plot by comparing your show to George R. R. Martin’s masterpiece.
12 Years An Unpublished Writer

12 Years An Unpublished Writer

"So what you don't know what lattes smell like. So what you've never seen an internet cafe. Bring what you have to the page and tear this mothafucka up!"

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