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Haruki Murakami on the moment he became a novelist.

Scattered applause rose around me. In that instant, for no reason and on no grounds whatsoever, the thought suddenly struck me: I think I can write a novel.

W.W. Norton is making digital copies of its books available to libraries. In other breaking news, Paramount Pictures is considering making its movies available to theaters.

While on that subject: publishers charge lending libraries high prices for ebooks, and now The Canadian Library Association is campaigning against the practice.

The arts and humanities aren’t worth a dime (actually, a spirited defense of the arts and humanities).

What role will the arts and humanities play in this brave new world? We cannot measure the value of these disciplines in dollars, so we have decided that they have no value at all, except some token value, like the parsley garnish on a 16-ounce steak.

A Crown imprint is the first to provide in-house fact checking. Also, Berkley and NAL are merging.

Award-winning author James Salter has died.

He never achieved the broad popularity he craved. “You can’t be admitted to the ranks of writers of importance unless you have sales,” he said.

Stephen King speaks out, again, in favor of gun control.

Queen Victoria (yes, that Queen Victoria) published a children’s book last Monday (22 June)—114 years after her death.

A typeface designed to simulate what it’s like to have dyslexia.

Bookstores won’t go the way of video stores? We dunno about that. The horse-and-buggy industry argued just as passionately, armed just as well with convincing data, when the automobile came along. Here are some more thinks on the matter.

Current college students actually prefer reading print books over eBooks, claiming it helps them better retain knowledge. If that factoid doesn’t blow your mind, then I suggest you read more books.

Remember when Family Christian Stores filed for bankruptcy and put itself up for sale? Not gonna happen, not yet, anyway.

Bill O’Reilly. Need we say more.

A brief history of Little Golden Books. We Street People get all sentimental over stuff like this.

How Chuck Wendig thinks Amazon should fix Kindle Unlimited. He had us at “cocktrumpet.”

Remove the exclusivity. Because fuck exclusivity, that’s why. Unless you’re offering me a pony when I sign up for the program, don’t pretend this is some kind of favor to me.

In the WTF department, it’s now illegal in Germany to sell erotica ebooks before 10:00 p.m. (Turns out the law won’t be enforced after all.)

Finally, JK Rowling reveals why the Dursleys dislike Harry Potter so much. Everyone can exhale now.


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